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Finally a natural way to keep your dog or cat looking and feeling great.

Most of us have seen our dogs and cats with problems such as dry and flaky skin, constant itching and scratching, thin and dull coat, fleas and ticks, allergies, arthritis and poor circulation etc. 

Despite quality feed with high nutritional value, not all dogs and cats are getting enough of essential fatty acids or vitamins through their food. It can be necessary with a supplement or conditioner to keep them feeling and looking their best. 

We are delighted to bring you Danex24 and in a safe and cost effective way help you give your pet soft, smooth and healthy skin, a thick, full, soft and shiny coat/fur as well as an array of other benefits from improvements in joints to circulation. 

We are not using additives as they can lead to a long list of problems. What is the point in trying to remove one problem and then end up creating another in the process?

With Danex24® you are safe in the knowledge your pet is only getting what is good for them. You can relax and not worry about chemicals causing kidney or liver problems, irritated skin, stomach problems etc. 

Keeping it simple

Thistle Oil and odourless garlic

We are using only two ingredients. Well, it is simple and it is all they need.  

They do wonders for humans and have same effect on dogs and cats.

Give Danex24® a try and see the results for yourself.

Thistle oil / Safflower oil

This highly important oil, also known as linoleic acid, is high in omega 6, which is important for healthy skin and hair as well as general wellbeing. Thistle oil will help your dog and cat combat dermatitis and seasonal allergies at the same time as providing anti inflammatory effect which is good news for arthritis sufferers. It is a useful anti oxidant which can benefit dogs and cats with liver and kidney problems.

Odourless (99%) Japanese garlic

Our very pure Japanese garlic (not Chinese) is a great supplement for dogs and cats...as long as the dosage is right. (We want to add, the dosage we use is very small). Most dogs have fleas (and ticks from time to time) and fleas and ticks don't like garlic!! It won't kill the them but simply provide an environment on the dog or cat where they don't want to live and makes them jump off! Garlic has proven to do wonders for dogs and cats with suppressed immune systems as well as for its effect helping the liver rid the body for toxins. It also has potent antimicrobial and antibiotic properties and fights parasites and fungi. Garlic also has value as a "cardiovascular booster" highly useful for older or overweight dogs and cats. It can prevent blood clots and reduce cholesterol as well as fat build up in the arteries.

Try Danex24® and see the results for yourself. 

It's simple, it's effective and it's suitable 

for all dogs and cats.

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